"How much of my past relationships should I share with my boyfriend?"   

Judy  (Mobile, AL)

Sorry, it's a secret.

"What is your go to line?" 

​Tonya  (Miami)​

It depends on what your doing on your date!  You probably shouldn't wear your favorite little black dress to play putt-putt golf.  In general, wear what makes you feel good, sexy, and confident to make a good first impression.  Over dressing slightly is better than under dressing.  While a little sexy is good, classy always wins out over slutty if your goal is for a relationship.  And leopard print is not the new black.

"How should I dress on a first date?"  

Colleen  (Houston)

Lisa, that's a great question.  I would tell them to be careful as in any dating situation, and probably even more so online.  Online or not, some people are not who they say they are.  Be cautious, meet in a public place, tell friends where you're going and who you're meeting.  It doesn't hurt to ask questions before meeting and do a little research - that's what Google is for!

For some reason,  some women feel the need to come clean about every guy they've ever been with early in a new relationship.  If you do have that urge, or if a guy asks, less is more, be vague.  If you feel the need for a soul cleansing confession, tell your priest, not your boyfriend.  Some walks down memory lane are best done by yourself.  Do you really want to tarnish how he thinks of you?  One woman told me in college she spent a summer high on coke with a guy.  How could I look at her the same?   If I was pushed about this topic, I would say we all have histories, and I'm more interested in focusing on the future than looking backwards.  Whatever you do, don't show him the videos!

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"What would you think about your sister or daughter dating online?"   Lisa (Atlanta)

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