It was a seersucker day.

Touring a winery.

Getting ready to run with the bulls in Pamplona Spain.

About the Author

NEXT!  The Search for My Last First Date

Robert grew up in a small rural town in Central Florida with his younger

brother.  He was raised by a divorced mom who often worked two jobs. 

His primary male influences were his grandfather and his gay uncle.  His

dad was pretty much out of the picture and was half the country away. 


Robert was driven early.  He started his first job at age 13 working and

farming.  In high school, he was on the football and wrestling teams, was 

his  in construction junior class president and was a Congressional Intern. 

In college, he worked, 

received a few scholarships, and became president of his fraternity. 

He married his college girlfriend, and after grad school, they started a family. 


He was just an ordinary guy who had a good job, worked hard, provided for his family, took them to church, volunteered, and thought he was doing everything right.  Still, he ended up divorced.  

Middle aged, and not having dated in over twenty years, he didn't have a clue in how to date or even where to start.  And that's where the story begins, in the search for his next love - someone to spend the rest of his life with.  After meeting new women and going on dates, he would tell his work assistant about many of them.  She couldn't believe some of the stories and told him he should write them down.  He did, and that was the start of NEXT! The Search for My Last First Date.

Robert lives in Central Florida and enjoys college football, cooking out, good food and wine, days on the beach and just enjoying life with friends and family.